We Are Providers of fantastic Airsoft Gaming!

Welcome to “Black Ops Cribbs” Airsoft, the new name in fantastic, value for money Airsoft in the Bristol area.

Black Ops Cribbs is brought to you by one of the UK’s most experienced airsoft operators in combination with one of the UK’s leading combat games operators. Our combined team have over 40 years of experience in providing what is best in combat gaming. We have exclusive use of the Skirmish Bristol – Cribbs Causeway venue, which is a former British Army Base, dating back to the Second World War, and includes some genuine military infrastructure, such as two reinforced underground bunkers.

Kinda real… Man!

Just a little bit of footage from our practice/training day. See what fun our staff had getting to know the place. With its huge concrete silos and large underground bunkers, we hope you’ll agree that Black Ops Cribbs airsoft makes a great game site.

Our favourite movie has always been Kelly’s Heroes, not just because of the all star cast, not just because of the tanks, not even the Nazi gold was what we liked. what we liked was the fact that it didn’t take itself too seriously, there was fun to be had.

That’s how we feel about our combat scenarios, the game areas are built to be realistic, the actual base is real….. but the idea is to have fun, plain and simple.

So whether you want to just amble about shooting some people, or perhaps you want to realistically emulate a WWII G.I. we want you to enjoy yourself.