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Airsoft Gun FPS LIMITS

All airsoft guns must be choreographed at the start of the session, it is the responsibility of the gun owner to ensure that their airsoft guns are firing within the legal limits. Our FPS limits ensure that all guns used are well within the legal limit.

Bolt Action Single Shot Sniper – 500 Fps

To be chronographed using a 0.2g BB and also the weight which the sniper will be using on the day. Sniper Minimum engagement of 30 Metres, and a sidearm must be carried for distances closer than 30 Metres.

AEG – 350 Fps

To be chronographed using a 0.2g BB

DMR – 350 Fps

Designated Marksman Rifle’s are to be choreographed in line with AEG’s on a 0.2g BB


We allow the use of C02 Airsoft guns. Guns must be choreographed in the morning using a new C02 cartridge.

Things to note:

Guns that fail by any significant margin will not be able to be used.

Velocity reducers are not permitted since they only reduce the velocity of the first couple of shots of a burst, beyond that the membrane is unable to close fast enough to catch the BBs and therefore many subsequent rounds go through at whatever the uninhibited power of the gun is.

Worth noting; if you are upgrading an AEG; a 1 joule spring should keep you well within these limits, whilst an M100 or equivalent may fall either side of the 350fps limit. Worth bearing in mind.

Two-tone guns which have been spray-painted or otherwise converted so that they become realistic imitation firearms (RIFs), as opposed to imitation firearms (IFs), are not permitted. This is regardless of your site membership or UKARA registration status. Unmodified two- tones are allowed.

Unfortunately mainly due to the size of our sites, we don’t support the DMR set up, they will be chronographed in line with AEGs, please refer to the AEG fps limits as above.