Become a UKARA registered player

Become a UKARA Registered Airsoft Player

Serious Airsoft players who wish to purchase their own Realistic Imitation Firearms (RiF’s), must be registered with the UKARA through a recognised and approved “Game Site” (Black Ops Cribbs, Cribbs Causeway venue). This is so that both the RiF retailer and the RiF purchaser comply with the Violent Crime Reduction Act.

In order for a player to apply for UKARA membership. They MUST be at least 18 years of age, and they MUST also need to qualify as an “Airsoft Skirmisher”. To do this a player needs to have attended our UKARA approved “Game Site” at Cribbs Causeway for at least 3 games, and in no ‘less’ than 2 months, and for no ‘more’ than a year apart.

Players applying for membership through us at Black Ops Cribbs, will also need to fill out both a “UKARA Player Registration Application Form”, and a “Game Site Membership Form”. Players will also need to bring along with them 2 PASSPORT sized photos. A form of PHOTO ID e.g. A driving licence or Passport. And also a PROOF OF ADDRESS. i.e. a recent bank statement, or utility bill (less than a month old), which must show the name and address matching your PHOTO ID.

Once we have received and reviewed your membership application forms and accompanying information. We will send your request for membership to a UKARA retailer to process. This may take up to a couple of weeks as they will need to manually input you on the UKARA system. This is carried out by volunteers, so please be patient.

Items you need to bring with you to Black Ops Cribbs…

  • A completed UKARA Player Registration Application Form.
  • A completed Game Site Membership Form.
  • Two Passport sized photos.
  • A form of Photo ID.
  • A proof of address.
  • An active email address. (optional)

“UKARA” membership is “FREE” for Black Ops members who have purchased an annual Black Ops membership.

Black Ops membership starts from just £10.00! And include many additional benefits. Please CLICK HERE for full details of our Black Ops membership deals.

Your UKARA membership will be valid for 12 months. After which time it will need to be renewed by your “Game Site”. Once you have been registered, you should receive an email (if provided) from the UKARA, informing you that your registration has been successfully entered on to the UKARA database.

Then you are free to safely enjoy some “Happy Airsoft Firearm Purchasing…!”

Player Application Forms

Document Name Document Link (PDF)
UKARA Player Registration Application Form View Document
Game Site Membership Form View Document

Get the free Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Reader plug-in here…

Membership Renewals

If you are already a Black Ops Cribbs site member, then as long as you have attended in the last 2 months, we can renew your membership. You may need to bring along a new passport photo for your membership new card.

If you are a member of another “Game Site”. You will need to bring along a Proof of Address and a form of Photo ID (as with a new application) so that we can add you as a Black Ops Cribbs Site Member.
Please note that this is because the UKARA does not allow us to access or renew the membership of players from other UKARA Game Sites. So we have to add you to our own database.

What Is The UKARA?

The United Kingdom Airsoft Retailer Association (UKARA) was formed in response to the Violent Crime Reduction Bill.

Its aim is to to protect Airsoft Retailers from prosecution and to enable a safe method of selling Realistic Imitation Firearms (RiF’s) to Airsoft Players in the UK.

You can find more information about the UKARA here… UKARA Website

We are a registered UKARA game site

Find us at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol
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